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About Sandtorock

The mission of Sandtorock is primarily to be a highly respected education provider of personal growth resources for Christians. Our secondary objectives may include the use of contempory media to promote Christian values and evangelise.

We are not affiliated with any particular church, but will offer our services to all Christian believers without bias. We are focused on providing good quality products, service and value for money. We are focused on you, our members, so that we can help you meet your needs in achieving your desired Christian growth goals.

We will endeavour to provide innovative ways to help people to grow, including workshops, courses and other opportunities. Our website features allow the Christian community to share knowledge, experience and encouragement; and to track the growth of personal skills and spiritual growth attributes, all in a Christian values based environment.

The motto of Sandtorock is: 'The best way is God's way'. This reflects the choices we have to make in order to grow spiritually as a Christian. There are no shortcuts because the road is narrow. Becoming like Christ is what God's way is all about.

The inspiration behind Sandtorock is: Matt 7:24   A wise builder builds his/her house on a foundation of rock. To us, this metaphor means, aligning oneself with, and developing oneself into, something now, that is compatible with values that will be in existence forever as a citizen of heaven under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Sand is the temporary conditions we live under now, rock is the permanency of the life beyond.

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