for 'Christian Meat for Christian Muscles'
Angelo Giovas
Minister, Pastoral Care
Gymea Baptist Church
Sydney, Australia
'The content of the above chapter is excellent.' - referring to Chapter 10 'What is Christian Love Like'.

Agus Gunawan
Senior Minister
Successful Bethany Families
Sydney and Perth, Australia

'These chapters will give you a complete spiritual vitamin and nutritional supplement to grow and strengthen your faith in God.' - referring to Section 1 - 'Involved by Faith'

Philip Chan
Chinese Theological College
Burwood, Australia

'The teaching in this book is biblically sound and is easy to understand, and has a good balance between truth and application. I particularly enjoyed some articles like 20-21, 29-35. All these articles are giving readers the understanding of Christian values and is a good encouragement for readers to practising Christian values in their daily life. I can see the passion of the writers, with great desire to help Christians to live and do His will, to become the light and salt of the world. I like this book because it is written to make people understand. Especially suitable for faith seekers and Christians seeking to growth in Christian life and a life to follow Jesus.
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