Sandtorock - Frequently Asked Questions




What guarantees can Sandtorock give me about my personal growth ?

It's hard to quantify anyone's level of personal growth. However, we issue growth points and recognition awards based on an honesty system, whereby members have tried to practically apply the learning points from the articles. The true measure of personal growth is the level of satisfaction that the member has with their progress, achievements, abilities and themselves.

How do I earn growth points ?

Growth points are really an indicator that you have learnt something new and have tried to apply it practically. There are three ways to earn growth points on the Sandtorock website: 1) from Articles 2) from Scenarios and 3) from Benefit Action. Simply record what you learnt and how you are applying it, and the points will be awarded. Later you can review what you recorded, to remind yourself about what you did and what growth it has led to.

What is the growth rating and growth ranking ?

A growth rating is calculated for each individual member, and then used to determine growth ratings for various groups of people, such as teams, cities or countries. The maximum growth rating available is 100, it is available by earning 100 growth points each month for 3 months. The growth ranking is a number between 10 and 100 and it indicates where you are ranked in relation to the growth rating of all members. A growth rating of 10 indicates that your growth rating is in the top 10%, while a growth rating of 50 indicates that your growth rating is somewhere in the top 50% of all members.


Can you explain how the points systems work ?

You will need credit points to view articles. Credit points are free to visitors and promotional visitors, or are bought so that you can become a member. You will earn growth points by applying what you have learned in the articles. Growth points contribute to your achievement and recognition levels. You will recieve loyalty points by conributing to the website. Loyalty points can be used to redeem rewards. You will receive peer points from other members, in recognition for great contributions.

What are the advantages of becoming a MEMBER ?

While there are many Sandtorock services available for visitors, there are selected benefits only available for members. Vistors can recieve an initial 400 credit points free, and possibly 1000 credit points via their church organisation promotional offer, whereas members receive 5000 credit points when they join, and each time they renew membership. While visitors can accrue loyalty points, members can accrue more loyalty points, as well as to be able to actually spend them. There are certain services and features that are only available to members, such as setting up a house in the Sandtorock neighbourhood, and accessing exclusive gold and platinum features. Members can benefit from opportunities available through the Sandtorock recognition process, and can attend Sandtorock events and workshops. We encourage all visitors to consider these benefits, and all members to take advantage of them, as they qualify for them.

What are the advantages of being a TRUSTED member ?

Vistors are initially set to trusted=no. This means that all their entries are reviewed by moderators to see that they conform to the site discetionary principles. No other members can view responses from untrusted members until the responses have been reviewed and approved. When a visitor joins, and they are at recognition level BRONZE or above, they become trusted members, and all of the member's content is automatically processed without being checked. However, if a member is reported by other members via for breaching the discretionary principles, they may no longer be trusted, and all their content will require reviewing. The delays in reviewing content will also delay the issuing of growth points and loyalty points. Each time a member reaches a new achievement level without loosing their trusted status, they will receive a bonus loyalty points reward.

Does the loyalty points reward scheme, offer me anything of real value?.

Our loyalty points reward scheme can reward you in the short term with unique Sandtorock merchandise and resource materials. And in the long term, it can be used to redeem growth opporunities that you probably would not normally have access to. We don't reveal all the rewards we have in store, up front. You have to trust us. We will let you know what rewards are a little bit in front of you, and for the other ones, you can read the comments of those who have received them, to help you decide if they are worth striving for.

How do I get Peer Points,and what do I do with them?.

Ticks are given to you by your fellow members to commend you for making superior contributions to the content of the website topics. There are 6 areas to get ticks: by making a great comment about an article, by suggesting a great forum topic, by making a great forum post, by recording a great result from a benefit action attempt, by suggesting a great benefit action learning point, or by contributing a great community library report. If you receive 100 ticks for any single contribution, you earn 1 peer point. Members with sufficent peer points receive automatic entry into a game or competion, where they have the chance to win weekly prizes. And they have priveledges over allocation of loyalty rewards.