Plenty of Ways to find Inner Beauty
through successful Christian living

The beauty of faith

Arthur believes in things that he can't see; like being a part of God's family, that he is loved overwhelmingly, and being protected and cared for by His heavenly Father.

The beauty of trust

Arthur trusts God to do the things that only He can do. He trusts God to guide and steer him through his life everyday, and to help those he prays for.

The beauty of community spirit

Arthur is a member of numerous communities:, family, school, church, soccer. He comtributes like a team player, using the gifts and abilities he has. His friends know they can depend on him to use his ability well, and add strength to their group.

The beauty of self control

Arthur relies on the power of the Holy Spirit to help control the many forces he has to battle against to remain holy. The Holy Spirit gives him the capability to manage and overcome his weaknesses supernaturally.

The beauty of sacrifice

The Lord relies on strong people who are willing to make sacrifices and give things up so that God's work gets done. Arthur has real commitment to the cause, and works for the good of others, selflessly.
People with Inner Beauty

'Her smile was radiant and all inclusive, she reached out a hand here, spoke an encouraging word there, and sent warmth to all around. But her bald head, frequent tremors and pale skin which normally proclaimed her terminal illness, faded to insignificance with the glow of her joyful spirit and her beautiful soul.' Such a joyous presence frequently uplifts the hearts of those it touches.

It has often been said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, implying little agreement among beholders as to what beauty is. A serious researcher will also find many differences of opinion as to the actual meaning of the word 'soul'. One wonders then, how so many seem to recognize and agree when they have encountered a person with a good heart and a soul of beauty.

Some souls of beauty such as St. Francis of Assisi, Martin Luther King or Mother Teresa are well known. Many others, however, are known only to their family and a few in their community. Famous or not, these souls share some common attributes. They are known for their giving nature and loving attitude, their positive thoughts and actions, their warmth and empathy which go hand in hand with an unselfish attitude. They exude an air of joy and peace regardless of their life conditions. They are not perfect, but they have chosen to follow the path towards deeper beauty.

Those of us who admire inner beauty, wonder about what may be going on inside a person who exhibits outward signs of having a beautiful soul. How did that volunteer become so motivated to serve their community or organisation in their spare time? Or what special quality does the foster parent have who adopts orphans or homeless kids and gives them a caring home, an education and a future? Or how did that person find forgiveness of the home invader who has robbed their valuables and even killed a loved one in the process? Or why does the person who has endured an upbringing of poverty and abuse choose not to carry a grudge through life but cherish and count their blessings?

Their beauty is not skin deep, but soul deep. This is a concept used most frequently in religious connections; so it should not surprise us that most of these individuals demonstrate a deep faith and connection with God who sustains their strength and motivation. They also have God's Son, Jesus Christ, as the role model who exhibited all the beautiful qualities of the human soul and more. He was the one perfect soul of beauty, and He willingly sacrificed Himself to help all mankind, even those who were nailing Him to the cross. Such an example leaves one amazed at the love and depth the soul of beauty can reach.

Life soon teaches us that we can rarely tell a beautiful soul from the external appearences of a person, but mostly from the caring things they do and say (and think, if they share their minds). It's their wonderful inner qualities that determine how they respond to other people and circumstances with warmth, respect and selflessness; qualities that have such a powerful attraction to other souls. While the eye of materialistic people may long for things of physical beauty, it's the heart of spiritual people that yearns to know a soul of great beauty, and to know what makes them tick. The person with physical beauty can be easily seen with the eye, but to reveal inner beauty the person must do something for the beauty to be revealed. 'Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.' (Matthew 5:15-16 KJV)

Question: Can we be proactive about developing your inner beauty, or will it just happen as a matter of course?

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