More Ways to find Inner Beauty
through successful Christian living

The beauty of friendships

Stephanie befriends types of people that most try to avoid. She has genuine heart-felt love for the unlovely, the ungodly and the marginalised. She accepts and respects them, as though Jesus now calls them friends.

The beauty of prayer

Stephanie is an intercessor. She prays earnestly for the needs of others, knowing how much more God cares for them. Stephanie uses fasting as a way to enrich her prayer life and ask God to reveal more of Himself to her.

The beauty of self esteem

Stephanie found her self worth was actually based on a debt she owed to Jesus Christ. She learnt that God's love is the basis for her self love, and the more she realised she owed Him, the more she realised her worth.

The beauty of character

Stephanie wears her character like a bagde of honor, because it has been forged and moulded through years of the toughest tests. Every test allows Christ's spirit to become stronger in her, until it makes her worthy of the title 'overcomer'.
Steps to becoming a beautiful soul

God desires each of His children to grow in their faith and love until they are a soul of great beauty. To help, He provided his son Jesus Christ as the perfect role model, the Holy Spirit as the perfect mentor, and guidelines in His written word.

One of the first steps toward developing a beautiful soul is surrendering one’s will to God. There are many verses counselling this act. Even Jesus himself subordinated His will to God's. In the Garden of Gethsemane, on the eve of His crucifixion, He prayed 'Not my will, but thine be done'. (Matthew 26:39) He told His disciples He did not seek His own will, but 'the will of Him who sent me.' (John 6:38) The soul who refuses to surrender to God prevents God from working in him, but the surrendered soul takes on the nature and character of the One who can guide him into doing what is right.

Secondly, to become a soul of beauty a believer must learn to control his mind. There is an old acronym in computer programing — GIGO. It means 'garbage in, garbage out'. Scripture says the same is true of the mind. The soul of beauty must guard what goes into the mind. The apostle Paul advised Philippians to renew their minds by thinking good thoughts: 'Whatever is true...honorable...just...pure...lovely...gracious...worthy of praise, think about these things.' (Philippians 4:8) So when we shut down those bad thoughts of jealousy, of mischief, or greed; we start to think more kindly, considerate and kind. When the mind is holy, it brings beauty to the rest of the person.

Thirdly, gratitude, the vital ingredient for a soul of beauty is linked to controlling our mind. The Bible repeatedly emphasizes the need for thanking and praising God. In 1 Thessalonians 5:18, Paul urges the faithful to 'give thanks in all circumstances'. The Old Testament abounds with similar advice for thanksgiving such as in Psalms 92:1 and 136:26. Gratitude keeps Christ at the center of our focus as we are reliant on what He has done for us and is still doing. Gratitude with joy is a foundational attitude that sets the stage for many other changes to one’s outlook.

Fourthly, anyone who loves God must learn to forgive. This trait, so difficult for humans, is a requirement given from Jesus (Matthew 18:35) Prolonged anger and resentment simply cannot exist on the same plane as beauty. They are as darkness against the light. With forgiveness comes unconditional love, grace and good-will towards others. These four things are good steps toward becoming a soul of great beauty: surrender to God, renewing the mind, gratitude and forgiveness.


Question: Women use simple steps to apply make-up for outer beauty. Can we make godly steps to inner beauty quite a simple and straight forward process?