Plenty of Reasons Why
Strength in the Lord is essential for successful Christian living

The challenge of faith

Arthur believes in things that he can't see; like being a part of God's family, that he is loved overwhelmingly, and being protected and cared for by His heavenly Father.

the challenge of trusting

Arthur trusts God to do the things that only He can do. He trusts God to guide and steer him through his life everyday, and to help those he prays for.

The challenge of community spirit

Arthur is a member of numerous communities:, family, school, church, soccer. He comtributes like a team player, using the gifts and abilities he has. His friends know they can depend on him to use his ability well, and add strength to their group.

The challenge of self control

Arthur relies on the power of the Holy Spirit to help control the many forces he has to battle against to remain holy. The Holy Spirit gives him the capability to manage and overcome his weaknesses supernaturally.

The challenge of sacrifice

The Lord relies on strong people who are willing to make sacrifices and give things up so that God's work gets done. Arthur has real commitment to the cause, and works for the good of others, selflessly.
The challenges of

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Question: Do you think you can plan to develop your inner strength, or will it just happen as a matter of course?