Plenty of Reasons Why
Strength in the Lord is essential for successful Christian living

The challenge of the mind

Purity of thought is one of Gloria's strengths. Her careful use of the mind has become a powerful tool for living a successful christian life..

The challenge of leadership

Gloria knows that to be a mentor, and a counsellor, and to lead any group of people in the ways of discipleship; she is going to need to be stronger and wiser than the problems that will confront christian growth.

The challenge of the walk

Gloria's feet are used to walk the walk, not just talk the talk. She encourages friends, families and communities in following God's will, by showing all members that doing it God's way is the best way.

The challenge of christian values

Gloria sticks to her principles, and she based these on the christian values she learnt from church and family, not on society's values. She believes that holiness is vital, that unselfishness is essential, that truth and honesty are fundamental, and that sexual purity is imperative.

The challenge of perseverance

Gloria knows that her perseverance will allow God to complete His good work in her. So she embraces life's difficulties, continues to fight the good fight, and is prepared to suffer for doing good.

How can the Bible help to build inner strength ?






Question: Do you have a way that directly relates and impacts the growth of Christian principles, values and character with the inner strength that the Bible says comes from the Lord?