Plenty of Reasons Why
Strength in the Lord is essential for successful Christian living

Strong mind

Purity of thought is one of Gloria's strengths. Her careful use of the mind has become a powerful tool for living a successful christian life..

Strong leader

Gloria knows that to be a mentor, and a counsellor, and to lead any group of people in the ways of discipleship; she is going to need to be stronger and wiser than the problems that will confront christian growth.

Strong feet

Gloria's feet are used to walk the walk, not just talk the talk. She encourages friends, families and communities in following God's will, by showing all members that doing it God's way is the best way.

Strong christian values

Gloria sticks to her principles, and she based these on the christian values she learnt from church and family, not on society's values. She believes that holiness is vital, that unselfishness is essential, that truth and honesty are fundamental, and that sexual purity is imperative.

Strength of perseverance

Gloria knows that her perseverance will allow God to complete His good work in her. So she embraces life's difficulties, continues to fight the good fight, and is prepared to suffer for doing good.

How can the Bible and God help us to build inner strength ?

The Bible identifies behaviours that are bad and harmful for mankind, and displeasing to God; and behaviors that are good, pleasing to God, and beneficial for mankind. There's no shortage of scriptural guidance about how to live well, through commands and exhortations of rules to follow and good way to live. It's clear that God calls His people to turn away from improper living, and to separate ourselves from doing those things that are not beneficial.

The Bible says that underlying our behaviours is the condition of our heart; and identifies only two conditions of the heart: the old and the new. It is impossible to live the new way that God requires when our old heart is not up to the task.

Importantly, the Bible claims that strength and purity come from God; and that only God has the power to create the new heart. But before this occurs, every man must be forgiven by God, and accept God's forgiveness. Only then can God's Spirit come with mighty power into our lives, to create the new heart, and help us with the different life that comes with it. One of the benefits of having a new heart, is having the resources of God's Spirit to help strengthen and purify us. Any other means or power to improve ourselves will not measure up to, or replace the work of the Spirit. The Bible calls this ongong process sanctification. We must admit to being weak, for God to become strong in us. If we could purify ourselves without God, then we really don't need all that He has done for us in providing forgiveness and salvation, and that is a form of rejection of His help. If we are prideful rather than humble, our heart is not right before God and is not worthy of the strength that only He can give.

The condition of the heart (or the spirit) is what affects every spiritual aspect of our lives. If our spirit is healthy and new, born of God, we can start the process of becoming like Jesus. It takes conscious effort to change spiritually; so that our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, emotions, desires, morals, character, self control and self-esteem can take on new meaning and purpose that He demands with the new heart and life He gives us.

Building inner strength is a process we undertake in submission to God and partnership with Him, so that His strength can be used within us, to help us to change and grow. It's not our own strength that produces sanctification, just our constant desire and will to obey. Inner strength isn't so much about achieving mighty feats like climbing mountains; it is meant to be primarily directed towards making it possible to do the things that please God, to live by Christian principles, and fulfilling His commands to love Him and our fellow man.

Question: Do you have a way that directly relates and impacts the growth of Christian principles, values and character with the inner strength that the Bible says comes from the Lord?