Plenty of Reasons Why
Strength in the Lord is essential for successful Christian living

Strength of conviction

Clarence has a strong belief in God's promises and what Christ has to give. His conviction makes him affective in witnessing to others. Others see his sincerity and his transparency, and are impressed with his firm conviction of grace.

Strength to serve

Clarence considers it an honor to be a servant of the Most High God, and to take a lowly and humble position of submission and obedience to the will of his Lord. He finds joy in serving others, as if he were serving the Lord.

Strength of focus

Clarence focuses on things that are important to God. With God at the center of everything, Clarence has a better chance of fulfilling the first command. When he focuses on forgiveness, he can find order, stability, purpose and peace. When he focuses on God's will, even though he looks weak, he can find God's strength to accomplish it.

Strength of generosity

Clarence has developed a generous nature, by completely abandoning selfishness and greed. He is mindful of the sacrifice that God made to save us, and also of the needs of God's work on earth. He is passionate about giving generously and cheerfully to be able to help the poor, and support the church.

Why is inner strength so important?

Without inner strength, there can be no inner victory. Because life is full of ongoing spiritual battles; inner strength helps us maintain the victory over our sinful nature that Christ won for us. Inner strength also provides a way to navigate through the troubles of life, and meet the challenges that an evil world throws at us.

Without inner victory that comes from strength in the Lord, there can be no inner beauty. Living a powerful, victorious and influential life, humbly surrendered to His Lordship, allows the beautiful nature of the Holy Spirit to reign in us, and for us to become holy like Him.

Without inner beauty, we are unlikely to reach our potential as successful Christians. Only a person with inner strength and inner beauty can adequately reflect the truly loving nature and perfect will of God that He desires of us.

Inner strength assists the conversion process within us that enables Christian values to be lived successfully. Through the process of spiritual maturity, inner strength helps us overcome the challenges of being a Christian in a non-Christian world. As we face some of the difficult challenges that face Christians: such as rejection, perseverance, excellence, and balance; inner strength helps keep us centred in Christ and fighting the good fight.

Inner strength and wisdom allows a Christian to correctly balance the difficult aspects of their lives: coupling belief with action, integrity with tolerance, service with self-esteem, truth with love, and grace with discipline.

Question: By not understanding the important part that inner strength plays in our spiritual life, are we prone to missing out on becoming all that God intends for us?