Plenty of Reasons Why
Strength in the Lord is essential for successful Christian living

Strong friendships

Stephanie befriends types of people that most try to avoid. She has genuine heart-felt love for the unlovely, the ungodly and the marginalised. She accepts and respects them, as though Jesus now calls them friends.

Strength of prayer

Stephanie is an intercessor. She prays earnestly for the needs of others, knowing how much more God cares for them. Stephanie uses fasting as a way to enrich her prayer life and ask God to reveal more of Himself to her.

Strong self esteem

Stephanie found her self worth was actually based on a debt she owed to Jesus Christ. She learnt that God's love is the basis for her self love, and the more she realised she owed Him, the more she realised her worth.

Strength of character

Stephanie wears her character like a bagde of honor, because it has been forged and moulded through years of the toughest tests. Every test allows Christ's spirit to become stronger in her, until it makes her worthy of the title 'overcomer'.
Developing the strength of the Lord

The resources of Sandtorock are designed to help you make vital connections in your spiritual life.

The first of five areas that Sandtorock can educate Christians about is the need to abound in 'the Strength of the Lord'. Sandtorock will help you with understanding the ways to draw on God's strength, the ways to use His strength for what it is intended, and the ways to balance your presence with God's presence so that all the other good things that God provides can occur in your life.

Question: If Sandtorock could help you become a strong in the Lord, more empowered to help other people, how much would it change your life?