More Ways to find Inner Beauty
through successful Christian living

The beauty of wisdom

Wisdom in Leroy's life came from many sources: he loved nature, and he saw God's magnificence in it; he made mistakes but he learnt from them; and he understood that God's commands were there to help him. Leroy knew the benefits and wisdom that come from community a community of faith.

the beauty of attitudes

Leroy's attitudes transform his soul into a place of victory. He's always grateful to God, rejoicing in hardships, loving when it's not justified, content with or without, and has courage to live fearlessly.

The beauty of love

Leroy learnt early what it means to love under difficult circumstances. The love he knew was not always fair, it is not always pleasant or predictable. Then he discovered God's love; it was unconditional, practical, nurturing and unending; so he chose God's love.

The beauty of kindness

With acceptance, forgiveness and respect; Leroy adds a little kindness to nurture a relationship. In fact he uses kindness as a mighty constructive force.

Let's review those four questions now.

Question 1: Can we be proactive about developing your inner beauty, or will it just happen as a matter of course?

Sandtorock can involve you in a variety of targeted reflections and activities that can help you develop you inner strength, character and personal skills; all in a Christian values based environment.

Question 2: God is willing, but how willing are you to be made into a soul of great beauty?

The Sandtorock Core Concepts package is designed to develop spiritual strength and maturity over the course of one year. In particular it emphasises the importance of strong Christian character that is based on Christian values.

Question 3: Do you have a goal and a plan to make yourself into the mirror image of Christ?

Inner strength is vital to becoming a better Christian, and by focusing on it we can ensure we reap the benefits of our new life in Christ; so much more than if we are ignorant of the value of this wonderful gift.

Question 4: Women use simple steps to apply make-up for outer beauty. Can we make godly steps to inner beauty quite a simple and straight forward process?

Sandtorock will give you unique insights into living a more successful Christian life; one that is focused on 'Strength in the Lord', 'Becoming a Soul of Great Beauty' and 'meeting the Challenges and Opportunities of being a Christian'. Many of these insights will probably be new to you, as they only superficially mentioned in churches. They are just a fraction of the info that is based on the content of 'Christian Meat for Christian Muscles - Part 1.'

To start to receive a preview of our material, simply join up as a visitor by logging in to our website through the 'Home' page. To receive the full resources and benefits of Sandtorock for a full year, subscribe to the Core Concepts Package, and work through the quality modules and activities that we only provide to our members.