Sandtorock invites expressions of interest for affiliates to participate in a unique and rewarding opportunity.


An affiliate is our representative in another city.


An affiliate is required to make regular contributions to the Sandtorock content, and to be proactive in growing the Sandtorock membership base in their city. An affiliate may also be responsible for running Sandtorock workshops and conducting Sandtorock business in their city. Affiliates are allowed to make investments to Sandtorock to cover online advertising costs (Google, Yahoo) promoting Sandtorock in your city. In return, we will supply you with promotional materials each month.


It is best if you live in that city, so that you can make efforts to build membership toward a target of 2000 members, by using various means such as by contacting church organisations about our special promotions, instigating face to face promotional events like talking to schools to drive visitors to the website, or open up workshops in personal/Christian/professional development in various places such as prisons, evening colleges, churches or companies. Find the way that works best for you and watch your city's membership climb.


Your remuneration will come as a payment per new member from your city. A new member can be one you have sourced, or an existing member making another purchase of credit points, a member's referral to someone else, or a random visitor via a search engine becoming a member) in your city, plus bonuses up to $10,000 if you reach the target of 2000 members. Additional incentives such as commission for product sales from your city may also apply, if you take on the distribution role.


You can work alone, or you can form a team, sharing the workload and the remuneration. With a team effort, it can benefit part-timers and can generate synergistic effects for your success, where one member concentrates on driving visitors to the website via organisational promotions and the like, while the other conducts more hands on courses and personal approach.