Sandtorock provides learning resources, special events and unique opportunities for its members to grow in personal development.
Here are the 3 ways that organisations and their members can benefit from Sandtorock.

(1). We offer our services to your members for an extended free trial period, which they can use to decide if there is further benefit to be derived by becoming our member.
Sandtorock will provide 1000 credit points for up to 100 members of your church organisation. All you need do is contact us for the promotional code for your members to use on our website, and make the offer known to your members. It's a great value added benefit that you can pass on to your members.

(2). Sandtorock can be a gentle and effective bridge that your organisation uses to reach the community. Your members, that become our members, are able to invite their friends and colleagues to our free special events, which provide a carefully planned and non-threatening exposure to the Christian way of thinking through personal development.
Responses from our events will flow back to your members and provide the perfect opportunity for your church to follow on from there. You are under no obligation to us.

(3). You are entitled to be remunerated for your articles that are accepted to appear on our website. Our authors webpage lays out the payments we offer for the different types of articles and topics we require.
You are invited to contribute as many original quality articles as you like for inclusion.